Sunny Bunnies Walk 4 Hope

Sunny Bunnies are walking for Hope for Children

May is National Walking Month and the Sunny Bunnies are stepping into action and organising a sponsored walk in aid of Hope for Children! 

Will you help them by doing your own sponsored walk? 

Whether you pledge to walk to and from school during May, walk a set amount of steps by the end of the month, or simply go on a big adventure walk, we'd love it if you could take part in #SunnyBunniesWalk4Hope and raise some money as you raise that step count!

You can set up your own Just giving page or print off the Sunny Bunnies sponsorship form to encourage friends and family to sponsor you and donate your funds at the end of May.

Let us know you are taking part by signing up here! SIGN UP TO WALK 4 HOPE

If you have any questions or would like any fundraising tips please do contact us and we would be happy to help:


What will your donation fund?

Hope for Children are working towards a world where every child has a happy childhood that prepares them for a positive future.

We create opportunities for overlooked, vulnerable and exploited children living in extreme poverty.

Our current projects include:

-  supporting children in the UK who have experienced speech and development delays due to the pandemic

-  Walk 2 School in Uganda - ensuring continuing education for children in the Namuwongo slum area of Kampala

-  Early childhood development centres in Kenya

-  Providing visually impaired children the opportunities to engage in the extra activities so that both their physical and mental health is at a balance in Sri Lanka

-  Trauma and Wellness project in Uganda

-  Providing toilet blocks to schools in India so children can continue to attend school

-  Pre-school education for children living in poverty in Sri Lanka


£1.75 provides a healthy breakfast and snacks for a child in Uganda for a week

£2 can provide online tuition for a primary student in Uganda for a week

£20 can provide a set of headphones for a blind student to access recorded material in school in Sri Lanka

£50 can provide English, Maths & Science classes to one child in Sri Lanka for one year

£100 pays for school supplies, a bag, shoes and a uniform for four children in Uganda