The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022

Double your donation this Christmas!

The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2022

Help us 'Raise the Roof' to build a Primary School Classroom in Rural Kenya

This year we are excited to once again be participating in the Big Give Christmas Challenge where your donation can make twice the impact!

For a limited time only - 29th November to 6th December - your donation will be doubled!


What are we fundraising for?

We are currently working in a school in a community in rural Kenya, in which there is much deprivation, few resources, and most importantly an overwhelming number of students for the space that we have to offer. In Class One we currently have 76 children, this is a group of six year olds all being taught in one classroom (can you even imagine?!).

This overcrowding is not the most effective environment for learning, and is also not the most healthy environment. We therefore want to build another classroom so that the class size can be halved. This will allow for a better space to learn, ultimately improving the children’s education, health, happiness and hopefully leading to a brighter future. The school currently achieves good grades, but the whole catchment is in one of the poorest communities (also sadly severely impacted by HIV/AIDS, therefore making disease even more relevant to bare in mind and meaning that good schooling is crucial to improve people’s possibilities in breaking free of poverty).


With your help, Hope for Children will build a new classroom to create the conditions in which the classes of thirty five or so children can safely, happily and healthily learn, sitting side-by-side. Ventilation, spacing and room to stay clean and tidy will transform the learning environment, improving their education, and support health promotion and disease prevention. The Kenyan Government has agreed to provide and fund a teacher if we can build this new classroom. ​

Our fundraising target is £10,000 

We have already raised £5,000 through generous pledgers and our Big Give Champion The Reed Foundation who have donated £2,000 to our match funding pot.

Can you help us raise the roof in Kenya and help us raise the remaining £5,000? Every donation, up to £5,000, is matched so £10 becomes £20 and all adds up to help us build this life changing classroom.

Donations open 12:00 PM, 29 November 2022 to 12:00 PM, 6 December 2022 via The Big Give

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