We work with children living in rural and urban extreme poverty to improve their access to a quality education, particularly focusing on marginalised groups including girls, orphans and children with disabilities.

Quality Education

Maximising the quality of education available is vital to increasing children’s chances of going on to achieve higher levels of education, and improving their earning opportunities. This ranges from running teacher training courses to improving school infrastructure. By consulting children, barriers are identified that inhibit their access to a quality education – such as child labour – and develop impactful projects to help them overcome these obstacles.

Extra-curricular Activities

Running activities like after-school clubs, holiday programmes and children’s assemblies underpin the core skills children learn at school and reduces the risk of dropping out. They are also the ideal opportunity to raise children’s awareness of their right to education, and empower them to advocate for their own education.



Bouncing back from tragedy, Jasmine has turned her life around and has secured an education scholarship.


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The gift of education is the greatest gift you can give a child.