Events for Namuwongo (EFN) is a philanthropic network of events-industry companies who support our life-changing work with vulnerable children in the slum of Namuwongo, Uganda. 

"Education is a human right with immense power to transform" Kofi Annan

Education is the foundation to a happy, healthy and positive childhood, and it’s the single most effective way to alleviate
poverty, yet there are still an estimated 61 million primary school-age children still out of school. 

  • Every year of education increases potential future income by 10%

  • 2 out of 3 illiterate people in the world are women - across the world, girls get less education than boys.

  • Only 1 in 4 children go to Secondary School in Uganda

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EFN funds are helping to transform the lives of the most vulnerable children in Namuwongo by improving their access to quality education. We do this in 4 ways:

Materials & Enrolment

Children are enrolled at a local school that is easy to access, and are supported by our Hope for Children Uganda team with their studies after school and during holidays. Children are provided with uniforms, school books and additional educational materials they need to thrive, as well as a library run by the children themselves.

Support & Protection

Our Ugandan team work closely with children and their families to identify risks at home that might jeopardise their education, and look to overcome these challenges. This ranges from food parcels for child-headed families to an intensive reunification programme that reconnects estranged children, often orphans, with their extended families and communities. 

Girls United  

Supporting girls to stay in school is a key aim, so we're establishing a girls football club - Girls United - to create a safe environment for girls to interact, socialise and raise issues that are impacting their ability to access education. The club is run by local girls and women, and is part of a wider community sensitisation programme to raise awareness of gender equality and every girl's right to education.

Junior Achievers

Older children take part in entrepreneurial activities and workshops to develop and improve their business skills, so that once they finish their education, they have the knowledge and belief to establish a micro-enterprise or get a job that will provide them with a stable income and enable them to start to break free from the poverty cycle.   

There are an estimated 5,000-9,000 children living in Namuwongo

Mary is 11 years old and one of the many children in Uganda whose lives have been changed for the better by Events for Namuwongo.

Read Mary's Story of Hope

How you can support:


EFN Patrons commit to donating £3,000/year for 3 years which is used to underpin our impact in Namuwongo. Thanks to this stable funding, we can plan our projects in an efficient and effective manner, and have the greatest impact on children.


Thousands of staff from EFN Patron companies have taken part in runs, cycles, treks and other fundraising activities to raise additional funds to support vulnerable children in Namuwongo. Check out our latest challenges to get involved with.


EFN fundraising is changing the lives of vulnerable children in Namuwongo. As well as raising funds, EFN Patrons also support us to raise awareness of this transformational work, and encourage others to get involved.

Events for Namuwongo Patrons & Supporters

EFN was established in September 2011 by Events Industry leaders at the Global Event Summit who decided to create an industry cause.

Since it was founded, EFN has raised over £900,000, a brilliant contribution that has meant huge improvements in the basic living conditions of the estimated 30,000 people in this slum community.


    • > Tons of rubbish have been removed to reduce the spread of disease.
    • > Over 2km of drains have been dug out to combat flooding. 
    • > 3 new toilet blocks have been built and handed over to the community.
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Ready to become the next EFN Patron?

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