Empowering Families

The best place for a child to grow up is within their loving family. Parents utilise their resourcefulness and determination through income-generation schemes to create a stable economic future and a better life for their children. Increasing household wealth will mean that parents no longer rely on their children to support the family income through working, and can afford school costs.

Training & Mentoring

We teach women and parents to manage money & build micro-enterprises to create a sustainable livelihood that will enable them to provide for their children.

Savings & Loans Groups

Community-run groups help participants learn to save small amounts regularly, and helps parents to provide for their children. This activity is key to promoting gender equality as they enable women to take control of their future, and that of their family by bringing them financial security.


Parents use loans and/or grants to launch micro-enterprises, or expand existing ones, so that their resourcefulness, creativity and determination can flourish. These fledgling businesses vary from market cafes or trade stalls, through to eco-friendly crop farming and tailoring. 



“I now consider myself an entrepreneur with great expectation that my current business will outlive the one year mark.”