On 9th July 2014, HOPE alongside our partners CHETNAConsortium for Street Children and Comic Relief organised a conference titled ‘How to improve street children’s lives: Children’s perspective’, with the aim of providing a greater understanding of what life is like for Indian street children.

The event featured 30 children from 10 NGO’s across Delhi, and sparked debate about their treatment and society’s perception of them.

Bharti Sharma, an educational activist who attended said, “The conference allows the children to express their own thoughts about society and various stakeholders. It’s very important that they participate and express how they feel they are perceived by society, and understand how they can take these issues further.”

Through the use of activities, such as roleplays, the children highlighted the issues that are important to themselves including substance abuse and the lack of opportunities to pursue an education.

Basu Rai, a former street child and author of ‘From the streets of Kathmandu’ noted that, “It’s very important that their stories are heard so that people can understand what their lives are like and how they can be helped.”

Sanjay Gupta, director of CHETNA, summarised, “The children said they wanted to be listened to and included in the development of policy and practice. They want to be treated like all other children and have their rights realised.”

You can watch a short video of the conference which is part of our Realising Rights project below.




Posted on August 29th, 2014