Ellie Roberts August Fundraiser of the Month

Meet our August Fundraiser of the Month:
Ellie Roberts 

Ellie managed to raise a whopping £3,502.30 for Hope for Children. We managed to grab Ellie for a quick chat about why she chose to fundraise for Hope, her top tip for future fundraisers, and how exactly she managed to raise so much.

She explained to us why she choose to fundraise for us and said: 

They are so easy to fundraise for because of how great they are! Not only is the story of Hope so inspiring but people also see this. When you explain how Hope for Children works and how they support people, it’s a great way for people to donate because they’re different. They’re not your standard charity where you can’t understand how the money is going to help. Also, you get great support and help from the team at Hope. They always have ideas and organise lots of events and collections for us to go to. This makes fundraising a lot easier.

Before we get into the breakdown of how she managed to raise so much, Ellie also shared with us her top tip for any future Team Hope fundraisers. She said:

Don’t give up!!! There was a time when I was only on £100 and you think you’re never going to get there but your total will go up if you work hard. Plan well ahead and start fundraising as soon as possible because time flies!

Ellie's tips to encourage people to donate also include:

  • Regular sharing Facebook and Instagram - a lot to begin with then usually every 2 weeks (every time I posted someone else donated)
  • Keeping regular updates on my page so people can see you’re fundraising so post every bucket collection and share to Facebook

Now, let's get to Ellie's fundraising breakdown. Here is exactly how she managed to hit her total.

Sponsorship from friends & family: £1411.83

56 friends & family sponsored with an average donation £25.21.

Bucket collections: £230.26

3 collections in London Stations with an average of £76.75 per collection.

Ellie said that she made the most out of collections by seeing what works best in the environment, whether that be either asking directly or just standing there and smiling. Most times it worked best to directly ask politely if anyone could spare any change for Hope for Children. She claims that Liverpool Street is the best place to collect! Her words of advice are also to remember that everything counts.

"If you did a bucket collection and got £120 one time and £20 another don’t be put off because it’s £20 less to be donated by someone else."


  • Fundraising events: £882.80
  • Garden party & BBQ: £727.11
  • Charity gig & Christmas events at University with an average of £294.27 per event
  • Car Boot Sale

Ellie's events were super successful and her top tips for them are:

For the car boot sale I asked my mums work to donate things and that was their donation to be charity - it doesn’t always have to be cash! Best way to fundraise at events is an entry fee - around £10/15 and have something free for that i.e. food/entertainment then have raffles and games. Raffle prizes - don’t spend your own money on them always get donations. So many companies donate vouchers and if you go into stores and restaurants they often give you vouchers or products. Examples: Nando’s, Boots, Marks and Spencer’s, GBK, etc,

Trusts & bursaries: £922.61

Ellie applied to 5 companies/trusts and received 2 donations from these. Her top tips for applying to trusts/companies are:

Hand write your letters! If you don’t receive anything back then ring up or email to check they received. Search your home towns rather than London for trusts as they’re more likely to give because you’re a local - but if you can find London trusts that will give too that’s fine. Trusts usually have a set date when they decide who they give their money too so check this and apply well in time.

Family helping out with fundraising: £54.80

  • Apply to your parent’s or relatives companies and remember to ask for donations from parent’s colleagues etc.
  • Brother hosted a collection at his 21st birthday (Ellie's Tip: Birthday parties are great because you just take a bucket, everyone knows you and everyone has spare change!)

TOTAL: £3,502.30