behind the head held high appeal

By Murielle Maupoint., CEO

Every child is somebody. Every child matters. Yet so many disadvantaged children in places like Africa feel worthless and have their spirit crushed by abject poverty and the harrowing circumstances they face in their day to day life. School can change that. School provides children with a safe place where they can be children, even if just for a few hours a day... A place where they can play, they can laugh and they can express and develop their individual talent. A place where they can be somebody and they can begin to believe in their dreams for a brighter future. A place where they can learn vital skills and can build their confidence, develop their self-esteem and begin to live with their head held high.


All human beings are born free and equal in dignity and rights.
Eleanor Roosevelt


In the 23 years that Hope for Children has been working with children and their families across the world, the one constant we have experienced across all individuals, has been the desire for dignity. This is the backdrop to the Head Held High appeal. To provide some of Africa’s most vulnerable and marginalised children with the opportunity to access a quality education that lays the foundations for a life of dignity and opportunity.


We know that education is one of the most powerful and effective investments that can be made to transform children’s lives. A quality education has a direct impact on reducing poverty, increasing income potential, improving health outcomes, reducing maternal/infant deaths and combating diseases such as HIV/AIDS. Over the next 12 weeks, we will be sharing stories of some of the children in Ghana and Uganda we have the honour of supporting. They will share with you their struggles and aspirations. You will see their lives transformed by education.


You can help us reach even more children. A donation of just £12, matched by the UK government, can provide a child with the uniform, shoes and books they need to be able to go to school for a year. A small investment for helping a child live with their Head Held High and providing them with the opportunities to break free from poverty for life.


Up until 23rd December 2017, every pound raised by the UK public towards the Head Held High appeal will be matched by the UK Government under the Department for International Development’s UK Aid Match programme. Now is the time to give and double your impact.


To donate simply follow this link


Thank you so much.