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Keeping Families Together

Our Empowering Families work aims to take the strengths of people in poverty and help them build sustainable incomes. 70% of rural families in Sri Lanka are reliant on income from seasonal agriculture, specifically slash and burn farming and paddy cultivation. Earnings from three months need to sustain families for the entire year. We are working with local people to empower mothers to provide for their children.


The Challenge

Climate change has impacted the effectiveness of seasonal crops and has resulted in many families experiencing financial difficulties. Women are increasingly forced to leave their children and migrate to find work. With mothers away, children are often neglected and grow up without opportunities to develop and receive an education.


What We Do

We are supporting 217 women from vulnerable families to develop sustainable livelihoods by launching micro-enterprises like brick-making or vegetable vending. We do this by establishing self-help groups and Women’s Societies that identify women to attend training workshops on financial management and develop business plans, and then support them throughout the process. Loans or project tenure are then distributed to the women to either launch new micro-enterprises, or expand existing ones. 



Keeping Families Together will empower 217 women to provide for their children’s education and general well-being through better income earning opportunities.  This will decrease the rate of migration of mothers, and so reduce domestic violence towards children as mothers will be more . The indirect beneficiaries will be the immediate families of these 230 women, including children and other adults, women associated in the groups, wider communities, bringing benefits to 600 adults and 750 children.