Knight Frank Uganda support Walk to School education project

By Andrew Epenu


On 20th October, the Hope for Children Uganda team were delighted to welcome staff from new corporate supporter, Knight Frank Uganda.


Knight Frank Uganda have started supporting our Walk to School education project, which aims to improve access to quality education for 150 of the most vulnerable children in a slum on the outskirts of Kampala called Namuwongo.


Maximising the quality of education available to vulnerable children living in extreme poverty is vital to increasing their chances of going on to achieve higher levels of education, and improving their earning opportunities.


During the day, Knight Frank staff visited the school which the children attend and handed out school materials to those who are supported by Hope for Children. Books, pens, colors, rulers and book jackets were gleefully received by the children with a great deal of enthusiasm, and Knight Frank staff were also given the opportunity to ask children directly how their lives were being impacted by having access to quality education.


Read Stories of Hope from Allan and Mary to find out first hand how the Walk to School programme is changing the lives of vulnerable children in Namuwongo.


The visiting supporters were overwhelmed by the children’s desire and determination to continue with their studies so that they can build a life out of poverty. In particular, one member of the Knight Frank team spoke to a group of young girls and dared them to hold onto their dreams, and that it would take hard work and dedicated to accomplish this.


The Knight Frank group also visited the community where the children live, which was a big eye opener for many. Namuwongo is a slum with an estimated 9,000 children under the age of 18 and poverty is rife. Whilst the many of the team were shocked by the conditions that children live in, they were inspired on meeting several parents and highly motivated to keep supporting these amazing children.  


Are you ready to create your own story of hope? You can start supporting children on our Walk to School education project like Allan and Mary, and thousands more around the world who are now experiencing a happy, healthy and positive childhood thanks to Hope for Children and our supporters.


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