Meet Our Uganda Team - Violet

We have the most incredible and inspiring people at a grassroots level who are running projects and creating change on a daily basis. It's important to highlight these individuals and give you a chance to learn a little bit about what goes on behind the scenes at Hope for Children. Here's a bit about our Community Facilitator, Violet...


What is your name and how long have you worked at Hope for Children?

My name is Violet and I have been working with Hope for Children for 10 years


Why did you apply for a job at Hope for Children?

I was volunteering with another NGO in Uganda when Hope for Children became a partner of theirs in 2008. I am from the community where Hope planned on launching a new project so I was able to introduce them to the children and adults in the community to include them in the planning process. When the Walk to School Programme started up, I became a part-time member of the team to continue strengthening the relationship between Hope and the community.


Can you explain a bit about your role and responsibilities?

I work as a Community Facilitator. I live in a slum community called Namuwongo and have been there all my life. I know almost everyone and am a member of the local council committee. I am majorly involved in community visits and follow ups. I also liase with local leaders and sit in on community gatherings and inform Hope for Children of any important news or updates. I help with Hope's relationship at the local council meetings and with other local leaders, as well as police and, of course, working directly with children and families.


What goes on in your typical working day?

Day to day, I work with families, visit parents and children alike to follow up on issues that are either ongoing or new. Usually, we work with local leaders & the schools. I am also involved in emergency cases, and need to be flexible to go into the community or alert the authorities at any time. 


What has been your favourite moment working for Hope for Children so far?

Some of my favourite moments revolve around the relationships I have with all the Hope for Children team, the toilets that Hope has constructed in the community, and interacting with the children on the Walk to School Programme.


How do you think Hope for Children is making an impact on children in the community?

Children are now able to realise their own potential, and also their parents despite their background. The children are able to set goals with dreams to fulfill their future. Hope for Children is definitely making a big difference.






Photo Credit: Adam Dickens, Taking Pictures, Changing Lives