Namuwongo Community Projects


The Challenge

Urban areas are growing rapidly in Uganda and roughly 60% of people here live in slums. As the largest city, Kampala has highest number of children living in slums, such as Namuwongo where Hope for Children has worked for many years. 

What We Are Doing

Namuwongo Community Projects provides support and care to the children and adults in the community of Namuwongo. The project focuses on providing full time education to through to 150 children through the Walk to School programme -  who are most ‘at risk’ because of their living situation, particularly those orphaned where the eldest looks after the rest of the family – ‘child-headed households’. The project focuses on improving their academic performance by attending primary school and transitioning to secondary school for the older students, especially girls. 

We also provide additional protection and out-of-school support to the most vulnerable children who have no consistent parent figure; from paying rent, to giving out food parcels and offering counselling for those suffering from extreme trauma. This additional support is vital to enabling children Finally, we are working with women in the community to improve their self-esteem and confidence by holding regular support workshops.

The Impact

Over 150 children are accessing education, helping them become more confident and giving them the chance of a better future.