Rozanna Hall - Fundraiser of the Month

We're lucky to be supported by some incredible people, so each month we recognise a member of Team Hope who has gone above and beyond to support Hope for Children. 


For April, our Fundraiser of the Month is our London Marathon runner Rozanna Hall. Here's what Rozanna had to say about why she chose to support Hope for Children:


"As a child I spent several months living with family in Sri Lanka. I’ve also been lucky enough to visit many times as an adult. I have seen first-hand the unimaginable challenges many kids in Sri Lanka do/have/will endure. The work Hope for Children do in some of the poorest countries in the world, including Sri Lanka, is truly awe-inspiring and I would love to one day tell my daughter that I helped support and nourish children that really needed help.


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For me, the opportunity to give something back to the island that has given me so much of my identity over the years is inspiration enough and I hope that I can make my family proud with the money I raise for Hope for Children. The work the charity does in Sri Lanka and other poverty stricken countries is making such a difference. I want to help them offer children in desperate need, the opportunity to live a happy and content life they deserve."


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