We rarely run emergency appeals but we have been compelled by our team on the ground in Sri Lanka who have reported they have the opportunity to make a genuine difference to children and families who have been affected by the horrendous floods. Families who already struggling with poverty without food, water or shelter. Their homes, and everything within them, have been lost to the flood waters and their lives have been turned upside down overnight.

IMG_3060Hundreds of thousands displaced

Monsoons and floods have devastated parts of Sri Lanka, including areas where our team are working on the ground, with mudslides an ever-present danger even once the water recedes. So far, over 200 people have been reported dead and roughly 600,000 – 10% of which are estimated to be under 5 – have been displaced from their homes.*

We are responding

The NGO Secretariat for Sri Lanka has called on all charities working in the region to support the flood victims and Hope for Children have answered their call by sending out emergency funds for dry rations that will help over 175 children and adults, and setting up the Sri Lanka Emergency Flood Appeal.

We need your help

The scale of the problem is massive but we believe we can make a positive impact. We need your help to give hope to innocent children and families, and help them start to recover and prepare for life once the floods recede. There is no insurance to cover these losses – we are their insurance. Please give what you can today by donating below. £25 could provide dry food rations for a whole family.