Ruth Ogier, who is one of our programmes managers, has just returned from a one week project visit in Tamale, northern Ghana.  Ruth was there to monitor the progress of our Comic Relief-funded Childhood Regained project with staff from our partner organisation RAINS. 

Below is an update from Ruth on her visit:

“I have recently returned to the Hope for Children office after spending seven days in Tamale, monitoring the progress of our Childhood Regained project with staff from our partner organisation RAINS.  In these rural areas of Ghana many children drop out of school because their families need them to work on farms and in agricultural labour to support the family. Our project is changing this by working with communities and families to see the value of education and tackling the poverty that results in children dropping out of school to work.

“I visited two communities, Nanton-Kurugu (26km from Tamale) and Nayoku (108km from Tamale).  As I was travelling I could see many children working in the fields, especially as August is harvest time.

Children engaged in child labour
Children involved in labour

“I met 30 children between 10-16 years old who are members of our project’s Eagles Clubs.  These clubs provide weekly literacy and numeracy classes designed for children who have missed out on basic education.  After nine months many of these children are able to enter formal schools, or for some older children they may start vocational training. So far this year 91 children have been able to go to school. One boy I met told me, ‘Before Eagles I could not write my name, now I can write my name and any other name you give me!’. There are currently 1,020 children enrolled in Eagles Clubs.

“I also met 12 women who are part of the Lahingos groups, who we support with workshops and micro-credit so that they can start small businesses. These women explained how having a loan, which is equivalent to £35 each, and business training had enabled them to start small enterprises to bring in extra income. This enables them to support the costs of their children going to school and make healthier meals at home – which is important as many of them have between 6-8 children to care for.

“There are 1,280 women across the area involved in Lahingos and over the next year all of them will benefit from micro-credit and business training.”

Childhood Regained
Stars Group (L) & Lahingos Group (R)


Posted on August 28th, 2015