Walk to School


The Challenge

Poverty affect at least 30.8 million families in both rural and urban areas of the Philippines, with 18.4% of the population living below the international poverty line. The poverty levels in the Philippines have a direct impact on the education and development of children. Many are unable to afford the cost of education. Therefore, children from deprived families are often forced to work in order to generate an income for the family from a young age.


What We Will Do

The Walk to School Programme supports children belonging to the poorest of families living below the poverty line in some of the worst slums in and around Manilla. Through our funding, the project provides relief for some of the most deprived families, and makes education a genuine option for their children.

As well as being able to go to school and start their journey of education, some of the children, who suffer from malnutrition, are also enrolled onto a feeding programme to help them concentrate during classes. The project also engages parents to develop their awareness of the importance of education.


The Impact 

Through these implemented activities, the Walk to School (W2S) Programme enables 44 children to enjoy their right to basic education by removing financial limitations. As parents play an integral role to the development of children, the projects empower parents and provides them with knowledge which contributes to their effectiveness and sustainability. The W2S Programme equips both children and parents with the values, knowledge and education that will give them the best chance of breaking the poverty cycle and creating a life for themselves.


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