Improving access to education for the most vulnerable children is at the heart of what we do. Children with disabilities are some of the most marginalised in many countries - there are an estimated 1.7 million people in Kenya. Wezesha literally translates to Empowerment in Swahili.


The Challenge
Children with disabilities and their families in Kenya face a lack of adequate health services (especially in rural areas) that if available could help children thrive. They become isolated as a result of social stigma, and suffer from a lack of support services and poor access to education.


What We Do
We provide training to parents enabling them to improve the health and development of their children through home-based therapy and to reach-out to support other children and parents. Simultaneously, we train and support these parents to become peer educators on home based therapy and reach out to support other parents of children with disabilities by forming self-help groups in their communities.



Our Wezesha project will train 20 mothers to become peer educators who are active, confident and effective leaders of disability awareness in their communities, and form 7 support groups reaching 45 other parents.  As a result, all the children with disabilities of the Wezesha-trained mothers will see improved health and development.


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