On Saturday 13th September, our student led initiative ‘Your Uni, Their Lives’ will be gathering its partners and ambassadors together for the inaugural YUTL Summit, an event that focuses on two of YUTL’s key values: connecting students with our projects and helping them to get the most out of their fundraising experiences with HOPE.

The day will consist of talks from experts in their fields on topics including Inspiration & Motivation, Effective Communication, Digital Marketing and Management & Leadership. For a full list of speakers, click here. We want to make students question the way they think about fundraising, and challenge them to take a new approach that will not only make them a more effective fundraiser, but also vastly accelerate their personal and professional development!

These topics are skills that they will be applying to their fundraising throughout the year, although many not even realise it! Recognising and developing these skills will not only make them stand as a graduate, but they will also be able to transfer them to any area of work, so if you’re a student get a headstart in advancing your career NOW!

There will also be a talk on BeyondMe (formerly Young Philanthropy) to give you ideas of how you can continue to support the causes you’re passionate about after you’ve left university behind.

We’re also happy to announce that our East Africa Programmes Manager, Ruth Ogier, will be giving a talk and a Q&A session on the history of HOPE and the East African Projects supported by our YUTL partners. The session will establish a real sense of education and connection with the projects you’re supporting, and will hopefully spur you on to raise with even more passion!

We will round the day off with a chance to meet and network with our other YUTL RaG partners and ambassadors from around the country. Members of multiple RaG committees who have similar roles will group together and discuss ideas. Competition is an important part of RaG, and we get that! However, we believe that creating a greater sense of community and collaboration between ambassadors and RaGs alike will enable you all to achieve even more…after all, you are all raising for the same thing: Their Lives!

So there it is: developing your professional skills, learning more about international development and HOPE, and networking with other student fundraisers! The YUTL Summit is an incredibly rare opportunity to do all of this for FREE, but that’s what we’re offering! So make sure you jump at this opportunity and attend!

You can request attendance by contacting our Student Fundraising Officer, Alix Rangolam at ar@hope4c.org

Posted on September 3rd, 2014