Our Vision

A world where every child has a happy, healthy childhood that prepares them  for a positive future

Our Mission

Hope for Children creates opportunities for overlooked, vulnerable and exploited children living in extreme poverty


Our Values

Hope for Children's focus is on meeting the unfulfilled needs and rights of the most marginalised and vulnerable children. We adhere to a set of principles that ensure our work is done in a manner and to a standard of which we can be proud.

We are:


We place children’s rights and needs at the centre of our decision-making processes


We are honest with everyone we work with - open, transparent and accountable


We are resourceful in our approach, adaptable and responsive to different needs and demands whether it be during fundraising or in our project work.


We are passionate about people, working in partnership for fundraising and programme work, developing close relationships based on mutual respect and trust, and being positive about what we have achieved and the impact we can continue to have

A Valued Partner

We believe that local people are best placed to deliver local solutions and that our role is to appreciate what they already have, to add value where we can, and to work closely with them to develop their capacity. We want to be their partner of choice, not a partner of necessity.

Intent on sustainability

In all our work we seek to find sustainable solutions, acting for the benefit of children in the long term.

Ready to write the next Story of Hope?

Do something amazing and give a child the childhood they deserve.