Abdul's Story of Hope

Abdul is a young boy from Mumbai, India

Before Abdul was born, his father worked as a construction labourer for a private contractor. However, tragedy struck the family when his father fell from the 4th floor of a building his firm was constructing and sustained severe injuries to his spine.

He was hospitalised for an extended period and the contractor compensated the family with a measly sum, refusing to employ him again. His father’s body has never been the same, and for a long time, the entire family struggled for their existence.

To earn any form of income for the family- which by then consisted of Abdul’s elder brother and sister, Abdul and his parents - his mother started to work as a commercial sex worker with her husband’s knowledge. They were able to send Abdul’s elder siblings to school in the city of Kolkata, where they are living with relatives, but young Abdul is staying with his mother in the area where she works. She has now been employed in the profession for 5 years.

Hope for Children is working in this area of Mumbai with the marginalised children of commercial sex workers to help them access and remain in education while also working to develop their talents and hobbies. Our team identified Abdul as a boy who needed help and a safe space to play and learn after he returned from school. They enrolled Abdul in our Study Club and for the past year, he has been attending the club regularly where he receives support with his studies.

Before, due to her profession, Abdul’s mother was not able to give Abdul the attention and care he needed. She is happy that he can now learn, play and eat nutritious food in a safe environment that keeps him away from where she works.