Glenn's Story of Hope

Meet Glenn, who first heard about Hope for Children when his employers, Zonal, starting supporting us in 2014. Since then he's completed a whole host of challenges and in 2018, he's taking on his latest ultra challenge for Hope - a 400km run across Scotland!


Please tell us a little bit about yourself

I’m a Geordie exiled in Edinburgh, who enjoys endurance running and triathlon.  A passion for endurance events I enjoy getting outside, adventuring and exploring the countryside.  I mainly do this to help my other passion which is drinking and eating. The more I run, the more I can eat J . Whenever I’m not running, I work for Zonal who are a corporate supporter of Hope as a Product Manager.


What made you choose to support Hope for Children?

I’ve worked for Zonal now for 6 years and when they became supporters of Hope I quickly understood and felt that this was a great cause.  I was compelled to help raise money for Hope, and as I am an advocate of exercise I enjoyed motivating others to take part in challenges like Cycling to England and back.


In your own words, how have you supported Hope for Children in the past?

Joining my passion with endurance events, trying to find my limit, I use these as ways to get sponsorship for my hardship – although secretly – I enjoy doing this stuff.  In the past I have raised money when I ran my first ultra-marathon, and then to run from Glasgow to Edinburgh non-stop, and then next was to Run and Cycle from Edinburgh to Fort William – 150 miles, including going up Ben Nevis. 

As part of our corporate support I am the resident quiz master, and I organise the wine tastings that help raise money for Hope.


Are you currently looking forward to another adventure or event?

Yes, I’m running 400km/268miles over 8 days from Fort William to Cape Wrath (the far North West of mainland UK).  Raising money for hope and getting people to guess my finish time.  You can follow me from this Sunday 20th May I am competitor number 164!


What tips do you have for those who would like to organise their own Hope for Children event or take part in a challenge?

I do these events to challenge me, to prove that I am able to push my boundaries.  I raise money at the same time as it adds to the motivation.  During my events, if I am going through a bad spell, or if I am hurting, or exhausted – which I am sure I will be – I will think of the donations and faith people have in me for donating and that helps me push further and stop me from quitting!  If you can give people an incentive to part with their money, that also helps, as I incentivise people to donate by guessing my time to win a prize.


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