Ibrahim's Story of Hope

Ibrahim is a bright, caring and ambitious young boy. He dreams of becoming a nurse or a doctor when he grows up, so that he can help sick people in his community.


However, Ibrahim's opportunities are limited. Despite his ambition, the fact that he was born into rural poverty means there is no healthcare to support him and no junior school for him to receive an education where he lives in Northern Ghana.


Not one to let anything hold him back, Ibrahim found out that he could loan out a bike for free from a Hope for Children ‘bike bank’. Now, he can cycle to a neighbouring village, where he attends school and can focus on his education. 


His father is a farmer, often spending 12 hours a day in scorching temperatures of 40 degrees plus. When he gets home, his burns and sores are clearly visible to Ibrahim and his siblings, which has had a big impact on his motivation for going to school and being educated.


Ibrahim's Story of Hope from Ghana - Hope for Children from Hope for Children on Vimeo.


He wants to grow up and get a job so he can relieve the pressure on his father to support the family.


At school, Ibrahim, is learning everything he needs to achieve his dreams of bringing healthcare to his community, as well as attending after-school or ‘STARS’ clubs where he takes part in sports and drama activities, as well as learning about children’s rights. 


As a member of the STARS club, and not content with his own massive developments, he has now become a peer mentor where he helps to support other children, all thanks to his training. 


Ibrahim is going from strength to strength with the support of Hope for Children and the STARS club as he follows his dreams of helping sick people in his community.