Isabel's Story of Hope

Isabel is a thirteen year old girl who lives with her 3 siblings, her mum and dad. Her dad works construction when he can to support Isabel and the family, although he often finds himself out of work.


Isabel and her family live in the slums of Manila next to a garbage sorting facility. Not only is this incredibly unhygienic, but is also a real danger to the family, particularly the young girls.


In spite of this adversity, Isabel has always dreamed of one day being able to take her family out of the slum and into a proper home. She believes that she can transform not only her life, but those of her entire family.


When Hope for Children heard about Isabel, we quickly worked with local people to give her the opportunity to realise her dreams by providing her with a uniform and school books, and enrolled her into a school not far from her home.


As well as receiving an education, Isabel is given at least one hot meal a day at school, something that couldn’t always be guaranteed at home. Since she joined our Walk to School programme, Isabel has been working tirelessly towards her dream, and is now one of the top students in her class.


Despite her exceptional academic abilities, Isabel is still a very shy girl but is slowly starting to build her confidence, largely due to the fact she now regularly goes to school, where she particularly enjoys art and dancing.


“The most important lesson that I have learned in the years that I have been in school is to have the drive and dedication to finish my education. It’s the ultimate reward that I can give to myself, my family and the organisation.