Joselito's Story of Hope

Joselito is a hardworking, determined 15 year boy from Manilla in the Phillippines. He is the second youngest in a family of 7 siblings, with 3 brothers and 3 sisters, one of whom has cerebral palsy. The family lived in a very poor slum in a rough part of the city:


“I grew up in a big family and lived in an underprivileged community. As a child and student who wishes to finish my studies and get a chance to be a professional worker, it is really a challenge for me to reach my dreams in life especially if I have limited resources and support.”


Although all of his siblings started out at a local school where tuition is free, Joselito was taken out of school by his mother when he was just in elementary school. Between them, his parents couldn’t afford to support all of them at school, as well as pay for his sister’s medical needs.


At the same time, his family was fragmented when his 3 older siblings went to live with his grandmother to alleviate the pressure on his parents to provide for such a big family.


Joselito’s life continued like this for over a year, which was particularly dangerous as he approached the age of graduating from primary to secondary school, a crucial point in a child’s education.


A year later, Joselito’s mother heard about Hope for Children's education programme, & applied for him to be enrolled. Our local partner reviewed his situation and accepted his application for support.


Joselito now has a uniform, school supplies, shoes, transport support and a food allowance. He has restarted his education at his new school, which he describes as his “second family”


As well as this practical support, Joselito has also joined several extra-curricular classes that are helping him to develop his social skills, and give him the confidence to dream of a life out of poverty,


“I am very confident that I will be able to finish my studies and reach my dream, which is to become a Civil Engineer someday.”