Child wiith disability Sri Lanka

Keya is a happy, healthy and bubbly 11 year old girl from Sri Lanka. Like most children her age, she spent her early years going to school with her little sister, until one day it became noticeable that she was not progressing in classes at the same speed as her friends.

Tragically, the severe lack of specialist care meant her physical and mental condition worsened, and she started to suffer from terrible bullying from her classmates. This became so bad that Keya began to dread going to school because of the unbearable stigma she faced. Eventually, her lack of progress and worsening condition meant she was forced to drop out of the school she had loved so much.

Fortunately, her parents heard about a centre funded by Hope for Children that is dedicated to providing specialist care for children with disabilities in central Sri Lanka, and Keya was enrolled.

Keya showed immediate progress, thriving in a caring environment dedicated to her needs. She began to love learning again, and within a few months, with physical therapy and teaching, had progressed from having tight, curled up fingers, to being able to eat on her own and even draw.

Her experience had left her quiet and reclusive, but now she is more likely to be found happily singing and practising her speech, as well as taking huge steps in her education, learning about everything from literacy to her rights as a child.