What made you decide to take on 25 challenges?

It started out with doing ‘at least 10 events in 2014’. I had completed 10 by June and hadn’t raised the money that I wanted so I figured I’d keep going to reach my target. I’ve now completed 24 and have the finale coming up on 6th-8th February, where I will be running 100 miles ‘non-stop’ from Coverack to Porthtowan along the South West Coast Path.


Why Hope for Children?

I first heard about Hope by signing up to Hope24, which was my 10th challenge. The original aim of the challenges was to raise 100% of the funds for Alzheimer’s Society as both my Grandparents have it on different scales so I wanted to do something to support families in the same situation. But when I read about Hope for Children and heard what they were about and where they operate I was enthusiastic to make part of the fundraising go to an equally worthy cause. This way I get to help both old and young people alike.


Can you describe your journey in three words?

Tackling the unknown.


What has been the hardest part of your journey so far?

Running 64 miles of the Cornish Coast Path for the Roseland August Trail. It was a brilliantly organised event with incredible scenery and support from the crowds and fellow runners, but when cramp set in with 10 miles to go from the hips to my toes I was in agony…. In the last 4 miles there is a series of almost vertical steps which were great to see the back of, but I wouldn’t have got through that bit had it not been for the cheers and chants to take my mind off it.


What has been your favourite challenge so far?

There is many to choose from so I could not possibly say! I have competed in obstacle races, races through woods and coast paths at night, ultra-marathons, cycled 300 miles and even took 47 minutes off my marathon personal best.


How have you kept yourself motivated?

By knowing that there is something else to train for! I love being outdoors; whether it’s day or night, after a long day at work, wind and rain or bright sunshine, whenever really. Some people’s way of relaxing is chilling out on the sofa, mine is going out for a run, it clears my head and takes my mind off work and deadlines.


Would you do it all again?

The same events? A lot of them yes, but in some cases I need to seek the next level and see how far I can go… touch wood I won’t find my breaking point any time soon!