Please tell us a little bit about yourself

My name is Simon Blair and I'm 37. I own a small property firm of 10 people in the West End of London and I have 3 young children and a lovely wife. I am very family orientated and I also enjoy my friends and challenges. On the sport side I have played cricket and rugby all of my life and in recent years I have started taking on other challenges that are a bit different. Life is there for living :) 


What made you choose to support Hope for Children?

One of the larger and more difficult events put me in touch. I heard about the charity in more detail and I liked what I heard. 


In your own words, how have you supported Hope for Children in the past?

I ran 230s in an ultra marathon over 5 days. The event involved carrying everything I needed on my back and being completely self sufficient. With the help of family, friends and work colleagues we raised around £12k.


Tell us about how you organised your Jungle Ultra fundraising. Did you always think it would be such a success?

 Lots of emails and posters. Direct requests to clients for corporate support and marketing if the charity and event on SHB website. We used it as a tool to promote the brand as well.


Are you currently looking forward to another adventure?

Considering an Iron Man in May 18. There are other events that may be entered in 2018 also.


What tips do you have for those who would like to organise their own Hope for Children event or take part in a challenge? 

Be as prepared as you possibly can and don't underestimate the physical and mental nature of such a challenge. If you aren't prepared the chances are you will hate the experience.