Meet Our People

A small, dedicated team of staff and volunteers who work tirelessly to make sure we can help as many children as possible. 

Julie Davis


Julie has spent most of her career in the voluntary sector. Her specialism is Children and Families; ensuring the most disadvantaged in life feel included.
She has worked in large, national organisations such as the Salvation Army whilst also being CEO of a smaller regional children’s charity.  

She has also been Assistant Director of Children’s Services across local authorities on Greater Manchester Challenge. Julie also managed the national roll-out of Extended Schools with DCSF. Her varied career, immersed in children’s opportunity to thrive, has led her to Hope for Children.

This is her first appointment in International Development.
Julie is married to John; she has 2 adult children and enjoys live music and sport (especially Rugby League), very long dog walks and travelling.  

Lynsey Elms

Marketing and Relationships Manager

I have been with Hope for Children since 2018 and it is my first experience of working for a charity.  In my previous life I was a marketeer for several food and soft drink companies; this, combined with my love of social media (which I admittedly spend too much time on), has enabled me to help manage all things marketing here.  I also look after our Corporate relationships. My spare time is spent ferrying the kids to various activities and volunteering at our local rugby club coaching the Under 10’s.

Liberty Pring

Fundraising Team Lead

In May 2022 I joined as part of the fundraising team at Hope to support the wonderful students that give their time and energy to fundraise for us. After graduating from the University of Birmingham in 2019, I went to work in the charity sector, working for a small charity in Birmingham which worked to support university students. This is where I developed a passion for fundraising as I got to see the huge impact it can have on small charities.

In my free time I love doing anything active and outdoorsy, and I regularly go outdoor swimming, cycling, running and hiking.

Beth Taylor

Fundraising Executive and Safeguarding Lead

I joined Hope for Children in November 2022, and my role in the fundraising team is to support our amazing challenge fundraisers with reaching their targets and having fun along the way! I also handle any safeguarding incidents or concerns that may arise.

My background falls into two main categories: youth work, and fundraising. I’ve worked with young people as a teacher, in youth clubs, and on the National Citizen Service (NCS) leading life skills sessions and facilitating social action planning and delivery. I’ve been a challenge fundraiser myself – twice! – and most recently, I’ve worked for the RSPB as a membership fundraiser and in securing funding from grants and trusts.

In my spare time, I enjoy walking, climbing, and swimming, and I love to read a good crime thriller!

David Swift

Finance Officer

I handle the day to day financial operations of the charity, including the prompt payment of invoices and the recording of all income and grants received. I work closely alongside the CEO and the rest of the Hope Team in the UK. I give significant levels of project support to Hope's in-country partners, such as regular analysis of quarterly/annual reports and ensuring all agreed budgeted remittances are made available in good time. Furthermore, I provide detailed financial reports to the board of Trustees as requested. My main interests are acting, theatre, watching rugby league and cricket, photography, travelling and meals out with family and friends.

Sandra Smith

Executive Assistant

I joined the Hope team in July 22 as an Administrator to support the team with tasks.  I recently retired from Santander where I’d been for 41 years doing various roles that included risk management, project support, debt recovery to name a few.  I’m an active member of my local church and I’ve been out to Uganda a couple of times where we got involved helping in the community and working in the schools.   It’s amazing to go and see how the charities help so many of the children.   I’ve also been involved in a number of fund-raising events over the years,  including hiking the 3 Yorkshire Peaks, Abseiling down John Moors University .  In my spare time I love to be outside, whether that is walking, cycling, paddleboarding or sitting in the sun reading.

Immaculate Kiiza

Uganda Country Director

My role contributes to the overall strategy, mission, vision and objectives, what I do directly impacts on the overall performance of the organization. My main tasks are; office operational management, program management, child safeguarding, policy development, publicity, fundraising and finance. I love reading, I think I will read anything provided it catches my attention, I love children and so I have a lot of activities I do out of work that primarily involves children, and I do love dancing. I have been told I danced in my Mama’s womb as well and I believe the story… I am very open minded, sometimes I surprise even myself. I can’t say I dislike something so strongly that it takes my peace, but integrity is very key to me.

Joyce Nakanwagi

Uganda Progamme Coordinator

My role is to coordinate Walk to School activities including; education, food/nutrition support, health, psychotherapy, basic care and family re-integration. I also address child related abuse cases, birth registration, supporting and strengthening family systems. Working with parents involves income generating activities/economic  support, organizing training and supplying information on community-based health care, child protection and rights and HIV/AIDS. I built-up experience working in the field of children and adolescents from different organizations with multifaceted programs.  I like travelling, listening to music, reading life inspiration literature and jogging.

Violet Namusisi

Uganda Community Facilitator

My   role  and  aim  is  to use  my  experience   to  achieve  the  vision  for  the  organisation.  Formally I was active in identification and linkage of children in the community in need of Hope for Children services.  Currently I do home and school visits to follow up on absentees and take sick children to the health facilities depending on their condition. I also help with the family reunification program. Formally I was a community health worker, secretary for environment in Namuwongo community.  I love watching TV, praying, going to the beach, listening to music and engaging in debates.


Senior Project and Programme Coordinator

My role is to assist the Senior Project & Program coordinators and /or superintendents in coordinating all phases and aspects of the projects to ensure cost, schedule, document control and quality standards are met. I’m responsible for providing support for all the field staff, volunteers and interns and expected to take any/all tasks in the quest to learn all I can about Child’s Rights-based work. I also support the senior project coordinator; coordinate all issues and all areas of the HOPE’s work, from Child safeguarding implementation and sustainability through welfare services and to all the network organizations. I love to work with people naturally, and I find it easy in most cases when they are flexible.  I’m social; I love creation and to be happy, and to learn from people around me. Exploration, singing and traveling to great new places are my Hobbies.


Uganda Office Caretaker

My major role  is to make sure the office and property are secure and safe both during the day and night, my other role during the day is to insure that the offices are clean and conducive for the other staff to work in. I also enjoy keeping the compound grass and concrete neat and tidy. Other than that I also serve as an office messenger within and outside the office. Growing up I always wanted to keep animals and I had fun herding cows because when I was out there in the bushes and open fields there was a particular hill that served as our amusement park. I also love the gymnasium and keeping fit that’s why am still fit today. My hobbies currently are music and football, I am even learning how to play guitar!

Susan Kajubi

Uganda Accountant

I am a highly motivated accountant with over ten years working experience in a non-profit making sector.

I assist in preparing the financial reports and accounts. I also recommend policies and procedures and maintain financial security by following internal controls and any other responsibilities.

I have worked for Hope since 2017 and I have really enjoyed working and also gained experience in child protection.

I love music, learning new ideas, and always welcome advice from people around me, working with groups and traveling to new places.

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