You can support our work as an individual or via a trust or foundation. We promise to be honest, upfront, professional and transparent with all our supporters.

Why support Hope for Children?

  • We're a local charity with a global impact, and a little really does go a long way;

  • We purposely seek out communities that other UK charities don’t, so we complement rather than compete. We work with small local partners, respecting and maximising their expertise;

  • It's central to our ethos that we stay small enough to be local and personal;

  • The safety and health of children is fundamental to everything we do. You can read our Child Safeguarding policy here

Supporting us as an individual or family

Our individual supporters give valuable time, expertise and money to support our work, and we really couldn't achieve what we do without them. We are fortunate to have a close, wonderful circle of Patrons; a valuable Impact Network that supports our work in India; a small branch in Hong Kong that raises substantial sums for projects across Asia; and hundreds of other supporters who donate to make sure we can continue changing children's lives for the better. If you are interested in joining them, please get in touch with us, by emailing us or calling 01442 234 561.


Read about our network in Hong Kong

Trusts & Foundations

Grants from Trusts and Foundations are hugely valuable, and we are delighted to be supported by the Souter Charitable Trust, the Tom Maccabee Memorial Fund and many other generous grant-makers. For information on grant funding please email us or call  01442 234 561.


Read about our partnership with St James's Place Wealth Foundation

Leave a Legacy

Leaving a donation in your will to a charity is an amazing way to ensure you can have an impact beyond your own lifetime. We would be delighted to hear from if you are considering leaving us a legacy, and will be pleased to send you all the information you might require about us.

For an informal chat about leaving a legacy, please email us, or call us on 01442 234 561

Please note that we are not permitted to give you any legal or financial advice.

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